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Outstation Proposal


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"The Pattaya Jungle H3 is a couples friendly mixed hash which welcomes all-comers"

We Run 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month

Grand Master 2016 - 2017

Sign ups are conducted byGI Joe

Gi Joe at the "A" site

Bus leaves at 3:00 pm from 3rd Road, outside the Buffalo Bar, 80 metres towards Pattaya Tai from Soi Lengke. Run Starts 4pm.

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The Pattaya Jungle H3 has a new home,
The Boomerang Guesthouse & Bar

To see a map of where the Boomerang Bar is

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Men 350 Baht

Women 150 Baht

Children (Under 16) 50 Baht

Sign up fee includes some food after the run

Beer Hunters

Not into Running !!!
you can always join the
"Beer Hunters"

Our policy of "No Beers" until the front
runners return, has these guys led by their
Grand Poobeer - Really Sadistic Bastard,
out looking for the nearest watering hole.

Grand Master - Pussy Snatcher

Pussy Snatcher &
GM's for a day

Associated Hash
Monkey H3
(Men Only)

Run - #68 Sat 11th Mar 17

Registration Open Now

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The Mis-management would like to advise all of our car and bike driving/riding members to take care after every jungle run while returning home.

The Thai Police are starting to get serious about the issue of Drink Driving and now have much of the sophisticated equipment used by western police forces for the detection of Drink Drivers.

We offer up a Low Alcohol beer alternative for those who choose to drive to the runs.

If you are caught drink driving the consequences can be quite dire, you have been warned.

AnnouncementLunar Run #71 has yet to be announced - Stay Tuned

Chimps Night Out


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Camping ChairPattaya Jungle Hash is a sitting circle, if you have a nice comfy fold up chair, help us out and bring it with you, we will always have a few seats for visitors and anyone who doesn't have one.


No Beer FRB

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New Haring a run soon ???? Need an A site ????

You can now view a list of many previous A Site maps CLICK HERE

Your Dog on a leash

Dog Policy

The Jungle has a new Dog policy, you are welcome to bring your dogs to the run, however they must be restrained on a leash while in the A site area, they can however "run free" with you while out on trail.

Please respect this new policy.

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Run #366
5th Mar 2017 Hares: Robbing Bastard, Flying Finn, Bow Tie
& Kee Mah

Robbing BastardFlying FinnBow TieKee Mah

Mis directions

new Need directions to the A site from somewhere other than the center of Pattaya?? click the Personalised Directions link and get a set of directions from where ever you are, to the A site. Perfect for anyone coming to join us from Bangkok, Bang Chang or any other far flung part of eastern Thailand.

From Pattaya Tai, turn left onto Sukhumvit Rd and drive north to the highway 7 on ramp, take the exit right and drive out the the new toll booth just after the highway 36 flyover, take the temporary exit left at the small OTOP market onto the service road and continue on for approx 2.8 kms and look for the HHH to turn right under the motorway.

Turn right at the HHH and pass through under the Motorway, turn right again and drive back up the hill for approx 450 mts and look for the HHH to turn left into Pallet Lane.

Turn left at the HHH and continue on for approx 4.7 kms and look for the HHH to turn right onto a dirt track. Turn right onto the dirt track and follow it for approx 300 mts the A site is outside the entrance to the rifle range.

For a printable version of the Misdirections and map click the Print button Print

Google Earth You can view the directions in Google Earth, download the KMZ file and it will open in Google Earth, but you must have Google Earth installed on your computer for it to work. CLICK HERE
or alternatively copy and paste these coordinates into Google Earth or Google Maps:​ 13.004905,101.026920

Google MapsAlternatively you can view the same route map by clicking on the directions image below, in Google Maps, without having Google Earth installed on your computer.


A single left mouse click on the map below will open a zoomable Google Map of the entire route.
Use the + & - symbols to zoom in and out, left mouse click and hold to drag the map around, double left click will also zoom in and double right click will zoom out. Clicking close in the Viewer will return you to this page.

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Something Very new Click Here for personalised Directions to the A site

Map Run #366

Map Run #366

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